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Hot hosting deals
This page contains some of the industries hottest hosting deals! Up to 50% discount with some companies. Looking for a new hoster? Be sure to check out these companies.
Most popular hosters & their best discount deals!
Bluehost (bluehost.com)
Website count: 254,524
Market share: 2.9%
HostGator (hostgator.com)
Website count: 248,657
Market share: 2.8%
DreamHost (dreamhost.com)
Website count: 80,729
Market share: 0.9%
Liquid Web (liquidweb.com)
Website count: 61,741
Market share: 0.7%
Media Temple (mediatemple.net)
Website count: 52,948
Market share: 0.6%
Network Solutions (networksolutions.com)
Website count: 48,352
Market share: 0.6%
SingleHop (singlehop.com)
Website count: 33,980
Market share: 0.4%
Rackspace Hosting (rackspace.com)
Website count: 9,265
Market share: 0.1%
Steadfast (steadfast.net)
Website count: 2,635
Market share: 0%